Rice of Kedia

SBK was founded in 1994 and has an ISO certification (9001:2008), which indicates that all the services and products provided by our company have undergone multiple tests to ensure safety and efficiency for our customers.


Foundation of our company

The prime pillars of our company are Mr. Pramod Kedia and Mr. Shiva Kedia. Together with their talent and experience in the field of agriculture, they have helped the company achieve the heights of success.

Success Factor

With the vision of the company directors, their hardwork and determination, SBK is a prime manufacturer of non-basmati rice. The directors are dynamic and forward thinking, ensuring their business will keep on growing and delight all customers.


Tonnes of rice Processing a year


Modern Techniques


Hectares of Landscape


Number of Products

Our Products

India king rice is a premium quality scented rice, which is rich in minerals that help maintain a healthy body and mind. This variety is noted for its taste, purity and a light quality that is easily digested.