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This ever-growing paddy processing rice manufacturing company was created by Mr Pramod Kedia and Mr Shiva Kedia, the founding pillars of the SBK enterprise. With the vision of the pioneers and the determination of the employees, SBK was soon one of the leading processors of non-basmati rice.

Our customers appreciate the aroma and quality of our rice, with Rice India and India King being the most popular. Our ISO and AG mark certification, give our customers confidence in our safety and premium quality.

The export management is also handled with care, fulfilling orders of our international clients on time and with great customer service. Every grain of rice that is manufactured by our machines is handled with care so that every order is completed to customer satisfaction.

Using state of the art Japanese technology and production, we produce a large capacity of premium non-basmati rice at an affordable price. Our modern technology and our hygienic warehouses are designed to keep a high production of rice, safe and free from rodents. With an annual revenue of 360 millions, we are heading to be the best in the market.