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An ideal paddy processing company, would have the latest machinery, and always strive for innovation. Our company has fully trained and talented professionals to ensure that our customers receive the best quality rice available in the market.

Japanese Technology

We use Satake Japanese Technology, located at our Boloda Bazar to process paddy and manufacture premium quality rice with only 3% wastage. This allows SBK to produce minimum 80 tonnes a day and 28000 tonnes in a year.

Automated Technology

We have the title of best wholesale polishers due to our automated technology and the guidance of talented professionals. Our products are packed with care, where hygiene is paramount and once finished, are stored in our high capacity warehouse.

Emergency Assistance

Our disaster prevention strategy is to have storekeepers on site 24/7, responsible for the security and safety of the warehouse. As a contingency, we have a secondary warehouse available for temporary use.