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This section details the entire process of our rice production, including the machines installed in our unit. The process of rice production takes place in two forms. First the pre-cleaning method and secondly the paddy separator method.

Pre Cleaning Method

In this method, paddy pre-cleaner is used. The paddy pre-cleaner uses its inbuilt technology to remove any dust and foreign particles from the paddy. The paddy pre-cleaner serves as a must have tool since it’s very important to clean the paddy before it is advanced further.


Once the paddy is free from contaminants, it the passes through a machine which separates the grain from the rice on the basis of density weight. This process is known as destoning and the name itself means separation of stones from the rice.

DE husking

In the dehusking process, two rubber rollers are used. One roller releases the grain and the other roller moves continuously and presses the rice until it has reached its full potential. This then eliminates the husk from the rice.

Silky Polisher

The Silky Polisher machine is used to give perfect shine to the rice. The shine is very noticeable as the rice comes out of the silky polisher. It now has a glaze which was not present in the raw rice.

Plan Shifter

In this process, a plan shifter is used to manage the broken percentage of rice. This machine sorts the rice into similar pieces. Now the rice is differentiated into several classes such as large broken rice, medium broken rice, and small broken rice.

Paddy Separator Method

The use of the paddy separator removes the layer of bran from the rice. SBK uses the most advanced set of whiteners, which uses the process of abrasion and friction to transform brown rice into white kernels. The rice bran which is separated is used to make edible oil.

Thickness Grader

Paddy separator purifies the rice to some extent and after that, it is passed to a size grader or thickness grader. This machinery separates the rice from oversize grains and undersize grains. Our thickness grader has the installation of the latest technology so it’s the best in the business.

Rice Whitener

In this process, the grain is smoothed and involves the brightening of the surface. The rice whitener used at SBK is a fully automated technology which allows superfine polishing of rising grains. Once the grain is fully polished the grains are no longer prone to breakage.

Length Grader

The machine that is used to separate the rice on the basis of length can be known as length grader. The main work of this machine is to separate the small impurities that are present in the paddy.

Grain Colour Sorter

This machine separates the grains on the basis of colour. This differentiation is done so that the rice that comes out as the final product is of premium quality. Thus all the discoloured grains are removed and the result is a pure shiny white rice.