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Rice is a staple food for the rural population. In addition, rice plays a very important role in non-agricultural sectors and also provides a wage for a community of workers. This section will enlighten you about all the nutritional benefits of rice manufactured by us.

Great source of carbohydrates

The carbohydrate present in our rice can be easily broken down into glucose which can be used as energy for exercise and enable your brain to function properly.

No cholesterol and low fat

The rice manufactured by us is low in fat, contains no cholesterol and is completely sodium free.

Good Source of vitamin

Our rice is a good source of vitamins like calcium, iron, riboflavin, niacin and fiber. In addition, our rice is low sugar in sugar and is gluten-free.

No chemical used

The rice manufactured by SBK is clean, minimalistic and simple. The rice does not contain any added preservatives or additives, making it a healthy choice.

Starch resistant

The starch resistant rice manufactured by SBK has a number of benefits, such as, improving blood fats, improving digestion and achieving insulin senility.

Cancer prevention and Non-allergic

In layman’s terms, our rice contains high amounts of insoluble fiber which can help prevent cancers and keeps your body free from allergy.

Reduces tension

Our rice is known to give relief to people suffering from hypertension as it has negligible sodium content.